About Root & Vine Vending

Hi, we are Carl and Gayle Kuby, the owners of Root & Vine Vending, and we are ardent advocates of healthier vending solutions. We are excited to pioneer a movement for healthier vending across the Central FL region. We traveled in the SNOW…yes, snow (*gasp* for the true Floridians)…to Utah for intense training to better serve our community. We learned the best practices for vending machine operations, maintenance, troubleshooting, product sourcing and more.

We are determined to achieve our vision of a fleet of machines offering healthier snack and drink alternatives up and down the I-4 corridor.

We are a generation that has HUGE brand awareness of junk food and sodas. Everyone born in or before the 90s will recognize a Coca Cola commercial from 40 years ago within seconds. We are imprinted with this propaganda, and we even feel nostalgic about it. What about the next generation? Do we want to increase their awareness for healthier options against the giants of junk food and soda? Many times, we just don’t know what healthier snacks are good. We look at a healthy option in the store, and we do not recognize it at all; and therefore, we don’t want to spend our money on a chance that it might not taste like dirt. We need to change this mentality one step at a time. We need to help our children satisfy their cravings with healthier options that ARE delicious! The more our kiddos see the healthy options, the more they will crave and recognize them…

This is where we come in…

At Root & Vine Vending, we aim to bring healthier vending options to businesses and facilities in North Orlando. We can place our healthy vending machine next to traditional snack and drink machines or we can replace the junk food machines with our healthier option. It is all up to you!

If you are interested in receiving more information or you would like a representative to visit your facility, call us directly at 407-391-1953 or email us at

We are excited to transform the vending services of Central FL!

Have a Healthy Day!

Carl and Gayle Kuby


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